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Household Tips: There are secrets to paint maintenance

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In our home life, there are often daily necessities that are painted with paint, so how to maintain the paint?

 One, paint maintenance must be meticulous

  According to professionals, the drying time for general paint brushing is 3 to 4 hours, and the complete drying time is more than 48 hours.

   Therefore, consumers should not directly scrub with clean water for a week after moving into a new home, so as to avoid excessive water infiltration into the paint layer and cause local "whitening". If you need to wax the lacquer, you should wait one month after you move into the new residence, so that the moisture in the substrate can be fully evaporated. To treat the "white marks" caused by impact on the varnish surface, first wet it with slow-drying water, then gently scrape off the surface with the tip of a blade, and then use a brush dipped in the mixture of curing agent and paint to slowly pile the paint film After drying, use 2500-mesh water sandpaper to lightly sand a few times.

   In addition, the use of Fengyoujing can remove the smear formed by the adhesion of the paint film surface. If you encounter unsolvable problems, you can also consult a paint professional.

   2. Latex paint has a knack for decontamination

Since there are many uniform particles distributed on the surface of the latex paint, the pollutants are easily adsorbed on the surface. In order to better remove the stains, experts recommend directly dipping the cleanser with a cloth and gently wiping along the contaminated area. Avoid diluting the cleanser with water. Rotating and scrubbing forcefully causes the "alkali" and dirt to penetrate into the surface of the paint film to dry and form a "water yellow mark". Wipe the contaminated area and then scrub it with a damp towel. Due to the slow drying of the paint film surface in winter, let it dry for one day after the construction is completed, and then open the windows for ventilation to prevent local cracks on the wall.

       In addition, when the wall is cracked due to impact and needs to be repaired, it is better to use putty paste and latex paint to fill it, which can ensure that there is no color difference in the bottom of the wall after drying, and then brush or lightly paint with latex paint one or two times. If your home is sprayed construction, in order to ensure the quality of construction, please ask professionals to repair it.

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