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Home fabric sofa fabric knowledge is coming

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We all know that the main material of fabric sofa is cloth, and then through a certain amount of artistic processing, it can achieve commercial artistic effects and meet people's needs in life. This kind of sofa has the characteristics of good air permeability, dustproof and easy cleaning. It is very popular in the market. How much do you know about it? Do you know what types of fabrics are available for fabric sofas? Next, Dongguan Mina Household Products Co., Ltd. Will be introduced for you below.

1. Polyester (synthetic fiber): Synthetic fiber is synthesized by polymer, and polyester is one of them, it is also called polyester fiber.

2. Cotton: It is the fiber extracted from cotton seeds. It is used for picking and processing on the sofa, ginning, carding, blending, combing, worsted spinning into cotton yarn, and then using cotton.

3. Polyester-cotton blended fabric: EHC Ideal Home tells everyone that it refers to the general term for polyester-cotton blended fabric, a textile made of polyester-cotton blended yarns in a certain proportion.

4. High-density NC cloth: High-density NC cloth is a kind of fabric blended or interwoven with nylon and cotton yarn. Its warp and weft density is relatively high, and it is generally a flat structure.

5. Nylon: The scientific name spandex sofa is for the living room. It is a kind of polyamide fiber. It is the collective name produced in China. Also called "Nylon" and "Nylon".

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